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Sivabalan was born in a historical town of Kumbakonam. He pursued his Masters in Fine Arts from Government College of Fine Arts, Kumbakonam.

Sivabalan paintings & art is steeped in India’s rich culture – especially the south as he was raised in Kumbakonam. Here inspired the daily goings of the people, he drew in crisp and bright colors, against a white background of women doing puja, a procession of deities on oxen carts, families taking blessings from the temple elephant among many such other instances. What is truly unique is his departure from the earth tones, which many artists use to depict Indian villages, and his confidence to use colors as is seen in people.

He uses watercolors, oil, and acrylic, drawings, mixed media on canvas to create unique tones and messages in his work. Viewers are immediately transported to the scene that is depicted on the canvas. One can hear temple bells in the distance or see the elephant raising his trunk or feel as if he/she is the one standing in a vegetable marketplace seeing women laying out their wares, talking to each other or just sitting, waiting and watching too.

He lives and work in Kumbakonnam.

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